Our Group runs a Membership scheme. This enables us to provide a calendar of Speakers throughout the year, maintain our Web presence, provide car park tokens, and keep all Members updated with regular newsletters and our programme of events. Additionally we host a Christmas Party and this is provided free to all of our Members.
If you are new to our Group we will not expect you to join after just attending one meeting as we feel it is important that you feel that the Group is for you and we want you to enjoy it.

Details of our scheme are shown below:

Existing Members

  • £12.00 per year subscription to cover from April 1st 2020 - March 31st 2021.
  • This is for a single member or a named couple who regularly attend together.
  • £1.00 monthly fee per person when attending to cover tea/coffee etc.
  • Members will be entitled to receive the Trojans Newsletter.

New Members

  • £12.00 subscription as previously detailed.


  • Those who attend for the first time between January 1st 2020 and March 31st 2020 can register at no charge. They will then be required to pay the £12.00 subscription on April 1st 2020.
  • This is for a single member or named couple as above.
  • £1.00 monthly fee per person to cover tea/coffee etc.
  • They will be entitled to receive the Trojans Newsletter.

Christmas Party

  • Free to all fully paid up members.
  • Husbands, partners, non - members and guests £10.00 per person. (Food, drink, free raffle with good prizes)
Please do come along and support all of our Speakers in 2020
We look forward to seeing you at Trojans very soon…
Keep in touch by using the Trojan email address.